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Of course there are some games we like more than others. In fact, as mentioned throughout the site, we associate an EWR (Expected Win Ratio) to every game we release. To qualify, we must feel a game will win at least 54% of the time played under current conditions hundreds of times. The highest rating we will ever give a game is an 80% EWR. We feel that no matter how big of an edge we posess, there will always be at least a 20% chance of losing a game due to bad luck or a bad call or a "freak play."

Games released in our Game Day E-Mail Reports will have EWR's between 55%-63% with ratings as follows:

  1.00       54-55
  1.25       56-57
  1.50       58-59
  2.00       60+

Late Information Releases (6 Unit Releases) will also be rated based on the source the play was originated from. These releases have always had EWR's between 61%-75%

  6           61+

Rating System In Review:
Please note we use increments of quarter units. The reason for this is many ametuers have been trained into thinking unit size should be in direct proportion to play size. We have 5 sizes of releases in our Game Day E-Mail Reports but the variance of play size should only be 100%, NOT 500% as would be the case if we went the traditional One through Five Unit structure as many services do. You simply can't vary your play size 5X when playing every day with a volume of 20-30 releases per week. If so, the smaller plays will really be meaningless and the big plays would be the tell tale of your bottom line.

How Much To Go Per Unit
For a complete explanation of our money management principles, please refer to our
bankroll managemant page.

We recommend going 1% of your working bankroll per unit, so for round number purposes, someone with a $10,000 bankroll would go $100 per unit... 1 unit=$100, 1.25 unit=$125, 1.5 unit=$150 and so on. Sticking to these conservative methods will enable you to withstand a bad run without breaking your bankroll. Remember, we put anywhere from 30-60 units in action per week (even more when football & basketball overlap), so you must be careful with such a high volume.  

If you have any questions, please give us a call:
(321) 272-9280

Or e-mail us: