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Late Info Service: 6 Unit Releases


What is this service?
Throughout the years we have developed a vast network of sources within the gaming industry that consists of some of fthe absolute sharpest sports betting contacts. These plays are not derived from our in-house handicapping staff as are our regular Game Day E-Mail Service releases.

Who is this service for?
This service is for those wishing to play fewer games and grow their bankroll at a safe and much more aggresive pace than with the regular service.

As you know, we release 15-50 plays per week (all sports... depending on the time of year) through the Game Day E-Mail Service and rate those games between 1-2 units in quarter unit iincrements. We recommend a 1% risk of your bankroll per unit, so each unit won or lost represents a 1% increase/decrease to your BR. We expect to profit anywhere from 50-100 Units per year which equates to a 50%-100% increase to one's starting BR (investment) in a year. 

The problem with this for most is that people generally are reluctant to start with a big enough BR to make any serious money. Take an average guy with a $5,000 BR. He's got 5 grand to bet sports with... he doesn't want to hear how we're going to make him $50 per week! That's the nature of sports bettors and we understand this. Now take that same guy with the same 5K, but looking to grow that money over the next 15 years for his kids' college education and tell him you have a way for him to make 50%-100% per year.... get the drift?

Do I need a huge bankroll for the Late Info Service?
No! that's the beauty of this program! You can start small but you'll be playing much fewer games AND these games win at a much higher rate, so it allows you to play larger amounts which in turn gives you the opportunity to financially grow as a player.

Why do you even have the regular Game Day Service?
The Late Info Service is not for everyone. Some of our clients prefer to grind out profits with all our releases... It's a proven moneymaker over the long haul and it doesn't require much time or effort... just a methodical bankroll management system that is a proven winner. When involved with the Late Info Service, you may get a call and/or text message 90 minutes before a game with an added play that requires you getting down on... some folks don't want to make that commitment.

What is the cost of this service?
A financial plan is designed on an individual basis according to his or her financial needs. As a general rule, we offer this service on a free trial basis to ALL long term Game Day E-Mail Service clients. We're confident that after you try the service, you'll continue... provided you have the proper mindset, discipline & dedication.  

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